Manufactures and sellers of military and armed forces plaques, emblems, insignias, bags, apparels with over 60 years of experience serving the Royal Australian Air Force & Royal Australian Regiment Based In Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia Since 1957.

Customer Care - Clarification

Collectable – Not Used, Not New

We have applied a GENERAL TERM and graded all our products as Collectable Not New, Not Used as most of the products you see on our online shop are’ leftovers’ of products that were custom-made for our clients many, many years back – some as far back as 1959.

As these are leftovers, many of the products have ‘slight defects’ due to long while storage & handling while there are many of the leftovers which are still in good condition if not in pristine condition.

We define ‘slight defects’ as in the following examples

♦ Metal badges, plaques, key chains etc not as shinny or gleaming as new
♦ Metal badges, plaques, key chains etc with paint defects/peeled off
♦ Metal badges, plaques, key chains etc with slight dents /scratches
♦ Cloth badges, flags etc with final hemming and sewing incomplete / loss of neatness
♦ Stubby coolers, bags, caps, hats, towels etc with minimal smudges /stains etc
♦ And variant other ‘slight defects’ covering a range of our products that may suggest that the products have been used or are not new.

Therefore kindly take note that there will be no compensation /exchange / refund if you find our leftover products not satisfactory by quality standards.


There are many leftovers that are as good as new.

There are many left over products that show their age – therefore they carry a value of being very authentic as collectibles. In fact most of our online shoppers prefer the worn-out look; kinda of pinning an age to the product and being a product owner of something that was made long time back, something that may not be available anymore.

That all new orders placed with us for costumed-made orders will be manufactured with high standards and quality finishing.

Happy Shopping