Manufactures and sellers of military and armed forces plaques, emblems, insignias, bags, apparels with over 60 years of experience serving the Royal Australian Air Force & Royal Australian Regiment Based In Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia Since 1957.

About Us - We Have History

In April 1957, FAIRDINKUM’S started off as tailors and outfitters
servicing the personnel of RAAF and their families stationed at the Air Force Base Butterworth, Malaysia.

RAF Butterworth was officially opened in October 1941, as a Royal Air Force station which was a part of the British defense plan for defending the Malayan Peninsula against an imminent threat of invasion by the Imperial Japanese forces during World War II.

During the Malayan Emergency that was to last from 1948 to 1960, RAF as well as RAAF and RNZAF units stationed at the airfield played an active role from 1950 in helping to curb the communist insurgency in the jungles of Malaya by attacking suspected hideouts and harassing the communist guerrillas.

In 1957, the RAF closed the station and it was transferred to the Royal Australian Air Force and it was promptly renamed as RAAF Station Butterworth, becoming the home to numerous Australian fighter and bomber squadrons stationed in Malaya during the Cold War era. Two of the notable RAAF units were No. 3 Squadron RAAF and No. 77 Squadron RAAF which saw service with their CAC Sabres during the Malayan Emergency through the Confrontation with Indonesia.

Another notable unit was the 75 Sqn, which was based there with its Assault Mirage IIIs from 1968 to 1983.

While RAAF Base Butterworth was closed on 30 June 1988, the base remains active as RMAF – Royal Malaysian Air Force – Base Butterworth.

Today the Australian Defense Force continues to maintain a presence at RMAF Butterworth, with RAAF 324 Expeditionary Combat Support Squadron (324 ECSS) and a detachment of AP-3C Orion aircraft from RAAF 92 Wing Detachment Alpha being located at the base. In addition, the Australian Army maintains ADF Land Command Liaison Section (LCLS-B) at the Air Base Butterworth.

Fairdinkum’s Store has enjoyed a 64-year history with the Australian Defense Forces. Our company has worked closely with the Department of Defense, Royal Australian Air Force the Australian Army, and the Royal Australian Navy.
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