Manufactures and sellers of military and armed forces plaques, emblems, insignias, bags, apparels with over 60 years of experience serving the Royal Australian Air Force & Royal Australian Regiment Based In Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia Since 1957.

About Us - Our Experience

Quality Assurance

 60 years of handing customers over the counter has thought us the value and importance of sincere and fair communication. A commitment to serve at our best. Through personalised attention, we gained rapport and trust. This helped us up our ante on quality, timely delivery, skills, professionalism and an everlasting loyalty.

The skill especially that we had to refine and master is what helps us stand out. It’s this, the experience that says who we are. It’s our experience that justifies why we have been around so many years, and continue to do so, doing the very same business that we had done all this will. With the standards and genuinity that is required in doing business today, especially when dealing with international clients, business cultures, traditions and respect, we remain in the game.
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